Android Application Development

In this article, we want to start Android App Development friends who can share a post that will be able to guide the nature of what we do not know. Android is an open source free operating system that runs on Google’s mobile devices (now mobile and many other smart devices). It is the most widely used mobile operating system today.


Developed applications are offered to users through Google Play for free or for paid, and they are really good earnings. You may have heard or read the story of a lot of people who have made good profits from this sector. Well, gaining through Android is only possible by developing applications and selling them through Google Play. Many companies in the software industry can only say that they are standing by Mobile Application Development. they employ mobile software developers. These are the companies that are the biggest revenue gateway of the software developers.


How to Develop Android Application ?

Androide native (java) and hybrid (Html5 + javascript + css) can develop applications in two ways. We are publishing Native application development courses on our site, and in this lesson I will explain how to develop native application.


First of all we need to master Java language to develop native application. We cannot develop native application to Android without knowing Java language. If you want to be a good android software developer and if you do not have an experience in the software industry, it doesn’t make sense to start developing android directly. First we need to learn the java language in a good way. I started directly with android development when I started this work, but for a long time I only worked on java. My advice to you is that you have a good command of the Java language.

If you ask where you can learn the Java language, you can reach very good resources by searching Google about it. If you want advice from me, I recommend the Java Lessons on our site. I think you will be ready for Android development after completing the lessons.


So we learned the java language and what do we do next? How will we improve? How will we use the development environment? Hereafter we have ­čÖé After that, the first thing we will do is download the SDK and install Android Studio. Android Studio is the official id of Google. We were already developing with Eclipse ide. We can still continue to improve. However, Google has stopped distributing Eclipse from the site and we recommend developers to use Android Studio. My advice to you is to listen to Google and install Android Studio.


We know java, SDK and we have established Android Studio to learn android components after that. EditText, TextView, Button, etc. to learn how to use the components with XML interface and java to combine Android Applications can remove the individual components. My advice to you is to download and review the source code of the source code courses via or through other sites.


If you want to learn this job, start with a small project. Learn how to use buttons according to the requirements of the project, use edittext, solve the list structure, send and receive information to the server, parse the incoming data and save it to the database you started to be an expert in Android Application Development.


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