What are HTML5 Text Format Tags ?

Using HTML5 text format tags to create your web site makes your content so appealing, while contributing to search engine optimization. By highlighting certain parts of the text on your website with some tags, you can make it easier for the visitor to recognize your content with certain HTML text format tags, giving both the visitor the appearance and specific information to the search engine robots.


In this written content, we will show you the use of bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, and many more tags that you will use to emphasize some words in your content.


How to Bold HTML5 Text ?

There are two different tags to use for making HTML5 text bold. While the first of these uses the <b> tag, if you want to indicate to search engines that you’re a strong word of the word, the <b> tag will be the <strong> tag you should use instead.

<p>An <b>article</b></p>
<p>An <strong>article</strong></p>

The text font that appears to the user will be the same in both code snippets I wrote above. The only difference is that while someone is used to express that it is an important word in the search engines, you can use the <b> tag in bold to indicate that it is not an important word that you want to make the word pleasing to the eye.



How to Italic in HTML5 Text ?

If you want to italicize the text as mentioned above, two different labels appear. There are two different tags as <i> and <em> for HTML5 text italics. In addition to this, the feature that distinguishes these two from each other is that one makes only italics in appearance, while the task of one tells both the italics and the search engine robots that the word is important.

<p>An <i>article</i></p>
<p>An <em>article</em></p>

Both the i and em tags in the p tag I have written above undertake the process of making HTML5 text italics, while using the <i> tag only to make the user welcome, while the search engine robots use the <em> tag to emphasize that the text is an important word.



Using the HTML5 Small Tag ?

The Small tag makes a word small in your content. For example, if you use this tag inside the <h1> tag, the word you’ve enclosed in the small tag will appear small.

<h1>First <small>Header</small></h1>

When you write and execute these codes, you will see that the word “Title” we have written according to the size of the <h1> tag is written smaller than the size of that tag. You can use the Small tag not only as title tags, but also on its own or in other paragraph tags.



Using Marked Text Field Tag in HTML5 ?

Using an HTML5 marked text field is similar to drawing with a spiral pen from an area of the text we have read in a book. The HTML5 <mark> tag is just like this. You can use this tag to highlight the area you want to highlight in the text.

<p>An <mark>article</mark></p>

If you write and run the code snippet above, you will see that the word “Article” appears to be drawn with a yellow spiral pen.


How to Write HTML5 Strikethrough ?

This means that if you want to write strikethrough HTML5, it means deleted text that has lost its meaning. If you think that the strikethrough is good as an appeal to the eye, it means that the strikethrough text or paragraph is outdated and outdated.

<p>An <del>article</del></p>

When you write and run the code snippet above, you will notice that the word “Article” is strikethrough. Using the Del tag, you can make sure that the word or text you want is overlined.


HTML5 Underline Text Tag Usage ?

If you want to write an HTML5 underlined text or a word, the <ins> tag will help. If you want to highlight a word underlined, this tag is used as follows:

<p>An <ins>article</ins></p>

When you type and run as above, you will see that the word “Article” is printed underlined.


HTML5 Subtitle Text Tag Usage ?

You can use the <sub> tag if you want to include some chemical formulas while creating your website. The HTML5 subtitle text tag lowers the word you have enclosed in the tag by one and a half lines, making it appear slightly below the normal line.

<p> The formula for water is H<sub>2</sub>O</p>

When you write the code snippet, you will see that “2” in the formula of water will be written below according to “H” and “O”.


HTML5 Overlay Text Tag Usage ?

Similar to the <sub> tag, you can use the HTML5 overhead text tag <sup> tag if you want to show the text at the top, not at the bottom of the post this time.

<p> A <sup>paragraph</sup> </p>

When you use the above-mentioned way, instead of HTML5 subtitle text view, this time you can write different chemical formulas or many other things that may be useful for you.


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