What are Paragraph Tags in HTML5 ?

We will take a look at the HTML5 Paragraph Tags for this video and written content, which is the continuation of HTML5 lesson videos and written content.


While creating a web site with HTML5, we will enter into the text that is so important. There are different types of labels that we will use to write poetry or regular paragraphs. More importantly, if we want to explain a paragraph with a short word, we have the possibility to add a title to the paragraph.


HTML Paragraph Tags

There are two different tags that we can use to create paragraphs in HTML5 or to create preformatted text in HTML5. These :



Using the <p> tag knows a normal paragraph property, and can make predefined text using the <pre> tag.



When you type <br> after the word you want in the <p> tag, the words that follow that word will go down to a bottom line. But if you’re going to write text like poetry, the tag you should use is <pre>. The <pre> tag will automatically leave blank ranges in the text you entered and you won’t need to use the <br> tag for the words you type down and down.

But if you want a short description to appear when the paragraph on the paragraph you have written is


<p title="explanation"></p>

Thanks to this, a short button will appear in that paragraph and a short description will appear. In this way, you can add annotations to the HTML5 paragraph.


<p title If we give an example to use the title tag of an institution or a place where you type the abbreviation letters when you bring the correct mouse on the box you can open the name of the entire organization.


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