What Is 403 Error? How to Solve ?

First of all, if you are reading this article, you have received this error as a web developer. Another great reason is that you don’t yet know why this error arises. But you don’t have to worry. Generally, every web developer is facing this error.


If you are starting to receive error 403 error after running on the server, this may be caused by the use of the hosting company that you have used, but rarely.



What Is 403 Error ?

There may be more than one reason for error 403. However, it should be noted that these errors are server-side errors. There may be cases where you are experiencing 403 forbidden errors when you install localhostta code on a server.


First of all, this error is a http status code. This is an indication that you are trying to access a part that is not authorized when you receive this error. If you try to access an address or a section that is not authorized on a website, the browser will give you error 403.


The common cause of this error is that you do not give permissions to the folder you created on your server. Or because of the faulty .htaccess file that you created.



How to Fix Error 403 ?

403 The error code is usually the result of an incorrect .htaccess file or because the permissions are not sufficient. To do this, you need to check your .htaccess file first.


If your .htaccess file does not have any problems, you can start to solve this by changing the required folder permissions.




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