What Is API ?

The API is an acronym for the Application Programming Interface, a software tool that allows two applications to talk to each other. You actually use an API when you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather in your phone.


You’ve probably heard of companies that pack APIs as products. For example, it sells access to the weather data API.


For example, your business website has a form page used to make an appointment with your customers. You want to give your customers the ability to automatically create a Google calendar event with details about this appointment. Your website server’s request to create an event with the given details is to allow Google to talk directly to the server. Your server then receives and processes Google’s response and sends the relevant information back to the browser, such as a confirmation message to the user.


It is not enough to think of APIs only in this context. For example, nowadays, many websites have the opportunity to log in with the accounts of Google, Twitter, Facebook and many other popular social media. In this way, the site we register with one of these accounts will be able to access these information directly by using the APIs of our systems, such as our e-mail, birth date, etc., without losing any of our time and filling them one by one.


If we want to summarize, we will open the API word Application Programming Interface application, like our website, we want to incorporate ourselves from another popular social media or anything else in an application we want to create and want to have communication from this popular social media or anything else and syncing together The API is used.


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