What is CMS ?

CMS, known as Content Management System; is a software application that provides full control in the management of all files, content and design visuals on the website. If you want to make any updates to your site; it allows you to do it directly from the admin panel without having to download any programs to your computer. A good content management system allows users to create and manage content without any technical background.


What is Content Management System ?

So what does the content management system do? CMS allows us to separate content from code. So instead of using the old code system updates and content allows you to change instantly. If any changes are made to the panel, the content management system will show you the change but never allow any changes to the code. You can modify the code if you wish, but you do not need to know the extra code for the necessary adjustments.


In addition, you can save older versions of your site with CMS. So you can go back if you don’t like changes or errors and you can make updates on your site through the old version.


To summarize:

CMS; It is a system that includes many functions including creating, categorizing, managing and controlling, updating, sharing and reporting the content of your website. The main purpose is to edit and update your site in accordance with the data entered by the site administrator and authorized users.


With this system, you can dynamically manage the content created for your website, upload your media such as photos and videos, add and remove pages, and keep your site up to date. Such actions are a must for a comprehensive and up-to-date website.


In a website, menus, services, references, blogs, etc. There are many more pages. If you want to share new content in any of these, for example the blog section; You can easily access your content management system from any computer anywhere in the world, write the content and upload the file to your site easily.


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