What Is CSS ?

Web pages that now appear in the form of a plain text document are very old. In addition to the HTML code that we have written, we can do the visualization of web pages by adding them with CSS.


In order to be able to write CSS, it is necessary to understand the structure of HTML marking language. HTML marking language elements to the tags thanks to CSS, various colors, fonts, font size, and can give features such as positions.


Cascading Style Sheets by taking the initials of the words as the abbreviation name we use CSS as 3 different methods can be added between the HTML code. These :

  • İnline
  • İnternal
  • External

It is divided into three. You can write inline CSS by typing style into a tag within the HTML, or you can type custom CSS codes into HTML tags within the <style> </ style> tags that you can open between <head> </ head> tags in HTML. Or you can add the required attributes and include them in your HTML page in an external .css file.


Today there are many CSS libraries and frameworks. These created ready-made libraries allow you to create a faster web page. Learning the syntax of these libraries or frameworks allows you to create web pages that look good in minutes.


Nowadays, you can get a quick alignment, appearance and mobile alignment to the web page you will create very quickly by starting to use the syntax of Bootstrap fremawork which is the most known and used by Twitter. The main purpose of Fremawork is to make the web page that you will create is mobile compatible.


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