What Is Java ?

Java was created in 1991 by a team of thirteen people, the Green Team, which was established under the umbrella of Sun. Green Team was a team aimed at research and development on information technologies. This team believed that the technology of the future was in home electronics and personal electronics. Their first work was a controller called Star Seven. This electronic device could control many devices, and it was based on the Oak language that was not connected to any platform. Like almost any new invention, this invention was not accepted at first.


This failure was Green Team’s first failure, but they continued their work from a new perspective. As a result of long studies, the WebRunner, which will later be renamed Hot Java, appeared. James Gosling, a founding member of Java, described this technology as iç an underwear developed at the same time as the Web, making the content of the Web accessible ”. Java word meaning; is a kind of coffee. So what is the Java programming language? It is an open-source, object-oriented, multi-functional, high-level, high-performance, step-by-step language that was developed in 1996. Java is a programming language now available on all computers and mobile.


What's in the article ?

How Was Java Born ?

Java was made available on May 23, 1995, independent of Oak, and received great interest. With the acquisition of Sun by Oracle in 2010, the owner of Java has changed. In fact, Java is an open source programming language, so Sun is solely responsible for licensing Java. Java; It is developed by the Java Community Process-JCP. This development is done in an environment where everyone can contribute freely and participate in decisions. All decisions about the future of Java are taken by majority vote. Open Java standards have made it free software.

Java is inherently object-oriented. So if you are going to work with Java, you must first know Object Oriented Programming. The most important feature that distinguishes Object Oriented Programming from the Conceptual Programming is the object concept called. Object Oriented Programming assumes that a program consists of units and objects that can communicate with each other. Each of these objects can process data on its own, receive information from other objects, or receive information from it. In this respect, the object is in a structure that is directly similar to human nature, not the entities called human objects. The concept is procedural programming and the entire program consists of a set of commands or a set of functions. Object Oriented Programming reduces the size of programs, eliminates complexity, makes it easy to develop, and helps reduce maintenance costs.


What is Java Programming ?

Java is a platform-independent, high-speed, simple design, secure, object-oriented and dynamic programming language. Java; Windows versions, Mac OS, HP-Unix, Sun Solaris, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS can work on platforms such as. Java uses are quite wide. The Java programming language is used to run software written on any platform on the other virtual platform. Java is used to create programs to work with the web browser and accessible web services. Java is used to develop server-side applications for processing online forums, surveys, HTML forms and stores, and more. Java is used to combine applications and services using the Java language to create highly customized applications and services. Finally, Java is used to write powerful and efficient applications for remote processors, mobile phones, wireless modules, gateways, consumer products, sensors, microcontrollers and all electronic devices.


Where to use Java ?

The devices in which Java is used are quite diverse. Java programming language; used in computers, mobile phones, data storage centers, game consoles, internet applications, Blu-ray disc drives and next-generation smart televisions. Today, 3 billion mobile phones have Java. All Blu-ray disc players use Java. 97% of the company’s computers have Java installed. 125 million smart TVs use Java.


What are the features of Java ?

Since Java is an object-oriented programming language, everything is an object in Java. Java can run independently of all platforms. Once compiled, this program can run on all platforms. Because it is a fairly simple programming language, it is easy to learn. Because it is a secure programming language, it allows writing programs that are not infected and cannot be accessed by other people. After compiling Java code, it goes into a natural architecture. Compiled Java code can run very easily on any platform and environment. It is possible to write programs that can perform multiple tasks with Java. Java’s byte codes are transformed into local machine instructions and are not stored anywhere, meaning they are interpreted step by step. Java’s just-in-time compiler called just-in-time compilation allows high-performance and high-speed operation. Java; It is a much more dynamic programming language than C and C ++.


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