What Is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is used for the purpose of developing web pages to provide a user-friendly experience. These include dynamically updated web pages, user interface enhancements such as menus and dialogs, animations, 2D and 3D graphics, interactive maps, video players and more. This JavaScript usage mode in the web browser is also called client-side javascript.


When you consider the components that make up a web page, JavaScript creates the third component of the trio, HTML and CSS are the other two. HTML, text, graphics, etc. Explains the containing page. CSS, colors, fonts, etc. It is used to control and customize the appearance of the web page, including. JavaScript is used to add a dynamic component to a web page and to do most of it. The items on the page can be programmed.


The development of JavaScript In 1995, Netscape began in Netscape Communications. They found that adding a “glue language” to improve the web user experience would increase user acquisition. So they brought Brendan Eich to place the Programming Language. However, since Java was the web’s new and hot language at that time, they decided to make the language closer to Java in the syntax. The result was JavaScript’s Scheme, SmallTalk’s object orientation, and Java’s syntax. In May 1995, Mocha was renamed LiveScript in September 1995, and was replaced again in December 1995.


In 1996, JavaScript was submitted to ECMA International for termination as a standard specification. In June 1997, the first official specification for the language was published as ECMA-262. The latest version of the language is ECMAScript 2017, published in June 2017.


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