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What Is Node JS ?

Today we will talk about node.js. It is a Javascript Runtime platform that we can write server side applications with Javascript and started to be developed by Joyent in 2009. It runs on a javascript engine called V8. V8 is developed by Google, Chrome web browsers are working on the C, C ++ and javascript languages ​​encoded with a vast.


Its sole purpose is to convert javascript code into machine code. It is definitely very performance. Node JS is very stingy about time and resources. In other words, if you want to give an example, instant transactions in very high traffic sites can be sent to the client’s screen in a very short time and consuming less resources without using user query. For example, the stock market information taken from a service, such as sending to all clients. This will be done as the stock market information changes without the user questioning. Real time applications can be performed with node.js using web socket technology.


What's in the article ?

Big Companies Using Node JS

Now let’s give some examples from the world. One of the most popular companies passing through Node.js is Linkedin. He used Rails on the mobile server side before moving to Node.js. After switching to Node.js, server cost decreased by 1/10. There has been a speed increase of up to 20 times in some operations. I think Paypall is the best example. Both more recently dated. In order to avoid the risk of Paypall working platform, it has developed parallel development in 2 plaformats as Java and Node.js instead of directly switching to Node JS. As a result, Node.js has received 2 times more prompts than java. Moreover, Node.js runs on a single-core processor, while the java application runs on a five-core processor. So Node.js reduced the cost to 1/5. In addition, response time has been accelerated by 35%.


Almost everyone from startups to big companies using. Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NASA, Netflix, PayPal, Pinterest uses Node JS technology.


What Does Node JS do ?

Basically two things:

  1. We would say that software is the only way to write both backend and frontend codes in the same language, but those who object will come out. So let’s just say it’s the easiest way.
  2. Today, most applications spend most of their time requesting databases or various services on the Internet and waiting for the results. Node JS is by nature asynchronous. He never likes to wait. It makes requests in parallel instead of making them one by one. When the requests are finished, they Node JS call back Node JS. This allows you to quickly process a large number of requests.


What is the Difference of the Node.js from others ?

Node.js promotes modular code writing due to its functional programming structure. Each module tries to do just one job, just like Unix philosophy. No more, no more. Writing code in Node.js is like joining pieces of lego. Instead of using a cumbersome framework that tries to do everything, you can mix and use the modules you want from the NPM (Node Package Manager) ecosystem of hundreds of thousands of open source packages.


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