What is Peer To Peer (P2P) Networks and How Does It Work?

In order to understand Peer to Peer (P2P) networks more easily, let’s start with a little foundation and define Network computer networks. Connecting two or more computers is called a network. Computers within the same network can communicate with each other and share data. Networking, computer networks, data sharing, standardization in software and applications are needed to ensure the common use. There are two different types of networks. In this article, we will examine Peer to Peer networks. For P2P, we can say that it combines many computers to share data. Because this system is able to present data to us from unlimited sources. To put it a bit, thanks to P2P, you don’t have to deal with sending one data to our friends one by one, and you can send one data to millions of people at once.


Now that we’ve introduced P2P networks, let’s examine why these networks are needed. While the internet was in the design phase, computers would be given fixed numbers and the computers would be permanently connected. Due to the high demand for the Internet, it became difficult to assign numbers to computers. It was then planned to give each user IP addresses that vary from connection to connection. IP addresses were connected via a single central system, and the disadvantage was that they could not connect computers directly to each other.

But in 1995-1996, an Israeli group designed a program called ICQ. This program is the most widely used program of the time. The first example of P2P applications is Napster. This program has been the fearful dream of all record companies of the time. The reason is; The program called Napster was to find MP3 format music tracks stored on thousands of computers around the world and save them to our hard drive. It soon became available to millions of people. The only problem is that the music downloaded from this program was considered a pirate and was therefore illegal. The program was closed by an American label. As we will understand in this program, P2P is a very big and useful system but there are some dangerous situations in this system. We will examine how the system works and discuss these dangers in the rest of our article.

The working principle of P2P system is as follows. After users connect to a nearby server, they upload the files on their computer to the database. Calls are made from data from millions of people, so that users can find each other and perform file transfers. In this type of system, each user is in fact both a manufacturer and a consumer.


The dangerous aspects of this system have increased in recent years. Spyware has started to be detected in the programs where data sharing is done in recent years. These software are installed on the computer together with the program to record users’ information. Although it is said that these software are intended to show the user the tastes and show the appropriate ads, some of them can be much more malicious. If this disadvantage is not taken into consideration, it can be said that the system is very sound and will continue to do so.


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