Raspberry Pi

What Is Raspberry Pi ?

The success of Raspberry Pi was far above what was expected. Developed as an affordable computer for children to learn how to write code, the device was originally targeted to sell 1,000, but over the last time over 18 million were sold. You can find the reasons for this and everything you need to know about this computer.


What Is Raspberry Pi ?

Raspberry Pi, a computer with a credit card size, was the best-selling UK origin computer of all time. The biggest source of Raspberry Pi success is its price. Even though it is not the most powerful computer in the world, it has enabled the product to create hand-made electronic products and write programs at a price of less than $ 40.


The nonprofit foundation behind Pi has been renowned since the release of the product and has been updated three times. However, the price of the product was around $ 35. Pi’s processing capacity has increased more than 10 times, and Pi has become a class of computers for everyday use.


The best model is the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +, 1.4 Ghz quad-core 64-Bit ARM Cortex A53 processor, 1 GB RAM, HD video playback capable 400 Mhz graphics adapter, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and ethernet support, with 4 USB 2.0 ports .


Raspberry Pi What Does the Job ?

Pi has been developed to enable children to understand the logic of computers and to have simple coding capabilities. Although Pi is limited to the internet browser, it has become possible to use it instead of the desktop computer. But Pi has more than a thousand usage scenarios.


Pi has been used and is being used in new areas to produce the weather station, virtual assistant, media center, smart home appliance, robot brain, old game console, drone assistant and many other devices. You can always use Pi to learn about programming and hardware hacking, even if you don’t need them in these areas. Pi’s official Raspbian OS operating system, with programming-oriented software, offers what is needed for these purposes. Pi was used for the creation of unique products and even appeared on the International Space Station.


The installation of Pi is a bit more complicated than the setup of your normal PC, but it doesn’t have a big difficulty. Easy installation guides are available on the Internet and the NOOBS (New Out-Of-Box Software) installer makes it easy to prepare and use the computer. According to what you want to do, the NOOBS installer can load different operating systems. For example, it can install the Raspbian operating system for desktop use or OSMC software for use as a media hub. Pi’s official Raspbian OS operating system to perform every basic task you expect from the desktop computer software is available. For example, it is possible to select more applications from an office program, internet browser, e-mail client and recommended software menu. When the computer is first started, Raspbian offers an installer that will provide you with a Wi-Fi connection and will perform other tasks.

While Pi’s own price is around $ 35, it needs a keyboard, screen, power supply, SD card and preferably mouse to make Pi work. The price of this equipment is more than Pi’s own price. However, as Pi’s developers have pointed out, most of these hardware is not available in every home. Thanks to Pi’s wide range of display ports, you can use old and new TVs or monitors as displays. As Pi’s features were developed, developers using this product found ways to get more from hardware. Pi now allows for the installation of many Linux-based operating systems. However, other operating systems that can be used are also increasing over time. Developed to run on various versions of Android and FlintOS de Pi based on Chromium OS.


It is also possible to run the Windows operating system on this computer. Windows 10 IoT can be run in the cropped version of Windows 10, called Io. However, it is not suitable for desktop use and rather it allows hardware hackers to test on IoT products.


Although it seems to be only three different generations, Pi actually contains many more sub-models. For example, the Raspberry Pi 3 has two sub-models: Model B and Model B +. Model B + offers faster processor and connection speed than the other. Raspberry Pi 2 is only available as Model B. Available as Model A with Raspberry Pi 1, Model B and less. Model A has no Ethernet, less memory and only one USB port. However, it is sold for $ 25 and consumes less energy.


In general, Pi 3 B + is a better option than Pi 2. Although it has about the same price, it is more powerful. However, Pi 1 has the Model A, which is less expensive than Pi 3 and consumes less power. Pi Zero is groundbreaking with its price. With Pi Zero, which costs only $ 5, you can have a computer that is a little better than the Raspberry Pi Model B in 2012.


The price, small size and low energy consumption of Pi Zero. Pi Zero has only one USB On The Port and no internet connection. However, the recently released $ 10 Pi Zero W supports 802.11b / g / n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. Although Pi Zero is less convenient, it can be used as a computer, as an IoT device or more convenient to use other smart items. Resetting homemade circuit boards and other equipment is also zero.


Why is Raspberry Pi Important ?

Pi is very important in terms of teaching the logic of the computers and is very important because it is accessible to everyone. The Raspbian OS operating system comes with many tools to learn programming. Drag-and-drop coding, many help with writing code, Python and Java help you with debugging features.

Work on the appearance and functions of the operating system is in progress. The new desktop view, the startup wizard, and Pi have improved the functionality of the software along with many of the approved software. Considering the prevalence of Pi-powered electronic equipment, this computer offers you much more than software. For hardware hacking features, Pi has 40 general purpose input and output pins, electrical channels to communicate with other computers and electronic equipment. Pi in robot and drone projects so come to the fore.


The number of products that can be used with Pi has also increased. For example, the camera can be added to the card and the Arduino prototyping platform can be used with Pi. Pi-Top, a small computer-powered PC kit called Kano, was introduced to teach programming to new generations. The business world, which attracted the attention of the Pi’s memory module is available as a version was released. In this way, we will be able to see more products.


Who is the Rival of Raspberry Pi ?

After the success of Pi, many entrepreneurs have released similar products to Pi. While competitors have generally imitated Pi’s card design, the Asus Tinkerboard, the Odroid-C2 example, offers more features such as the higher features or cheaper products, as we have seen in the Orange Pi example.

Asus Tinker Board

The biggest disadvantage of Pi’s competitors is their lack of quality software and strong community support. Launched 6 years ago, Pi is now being used by many users and has a strong support. Although competitors have better features on paper, the performance can be less due to poor component selection. Arduino is considered to be the rival of Pi, but it is actually a complement to Pi. Arduino is an open source development platform used to produce electronic projects. Depending on the application area, you can connect the Arduino to your computer via USB and program it with your own software. What is Arduino ?


Who Created Raspberry Pi ?

As we mentioned, the product was unearthed by the UK-based and nonprofit Raspberry Pi foundation. Pi is not limited to use in schools. In Cambridge, the number of people applying for computer science triple the number of people, Pi is thought to have a major contribution.

The founder of the foundation, Eben Upton, said the idea of ​​designing the product was the declining number of applicants for studying computer science in Cambridge. With almost no applications to Cambridge, the world’s best computer science faculty, the foundation designed the product to drive the next generation of computers. With the success of Pi, the foundation recruited around 60 employees, who created training documents and carried out projects with schools.


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